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Even though it has been more than a decade since this show aired, but still the magic that has been created by the show is present. Due to its popularity, many online platforms have made it available on their website so that more people can have access to an amazing and beautiful show called Friends. SlingTV Shows You Live Games and Game Recaps All in HD! Catch All Your Favorites - All Season Long. Stream Anywhere and watch basketball using sling tv free trial offer. Start Your Free Trial Now! Game Recaps Within Hours. Live Games in HD. NBA Harwood Classics.

What is this show based on?

The story revolves around the six main characters- Monica, Ross, Rachel, Joey, Chandler, and Phoebe who are living their normal yet amazing life in New York. With every character, people start to find connections between them that bring them closer to the character and the show. From dealing with love problems to overcoming some serious situation that comes in front of them, the characters show many aspects. Throughout the journey, you will forget that you are watching any TV shows because you will be so emotionally attached to the characters that you will behave like it is your life.

How did the characters become so relatable?

The most important part of a show or a movie, the main element that touches the audience are the characters whose life becomes like it is their life. The first character is Monica, who is considered to be a clean freak who also maintains the maturity level of the entire group with her sense of humour and confidence. The second one is Ross, who is the brother of Monica, whose career revolves around dinosaurs and its extinction as he is a palaeontologist. The third character is Rachel, who in the first instance would look like a spoilt brat and only living on her father’s money but afterwards, she wanted to make a name of her own. Everyone is fond of Joey as he is charming, funny and also is passionate about food even more than the love interest in his life. With sarcasm better than anyone, Chandler has left behind every character on TV shows who is anywhere near sarcasm. In spite of being the weirdest person on the show, Phoebe is always trying to put it all together in her life so that she leads a normal life like others.

Why is this show so popular?

There are infinite numbers of reasons as to why this show is so popular all around the world. You cannot describe the wonderfulness of this show because it not only helps you in passing your time, but you also learn many valuable lessons that can help you in keeping your life on the right track. You will become very close to the characters along with the actors that play the characters. No matter if any TV shows are launched, no other show has the potential to give competition to Friends. Unlike the shows when this show aired, this show was very progressive with some ideas and plots that until now have been established in this industry. This show is considered to be so ahead of its time because the nature of the characters was symbolizing the thinking of the directors and people behind the production of the show.