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Helium 10 Vs Jungle Scout - The Competition Among Bests

With the advancement in computer science and the rise of the internet, almost everything could be found with a mere click. One can easily spot the desired product along with comparisons as well as in different varieties. When we talk about online trading the biggest animal in this Industry is obviously Amazon and it also gives chances to others. FBA in Amazon bridges the struggles of a start-up by providing it a platform and it is known as FBA tools. The jungle scout and helium 10 Discount are considered to be best in the business. Let’s move further in our discussion about Comparison - Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout to find who is better in which field.

Internet is full of opportunities

In the current scenario, digitalization has played a vital role in the world of business. Considering the expansion of the digital market, a lot of opportunities have been created for new businesses and start-ups. One can easily expand his or her existing business in the world of internet for reaching out to more and more customers. The thing that has complemented the growth of online business execution is the trend of window shopping. One can buy as well as sell products simply by a click without involving the hassle of wasting time and money by going to a definite place.

The battle of the bests

Comparisons are made even among the bests, considering each and everything there is plenty of things that helium 10 can do and jungle scout cannot. On the other hand, things that jungle scout can do helium 10 cannot. Therefore, declaring a comparison between them as a long and lengthy discussion will not be wrong.

Comparing the two on the grounds of popularity

The Jungle scout started in the year 2015 when only a few applications existed in the Industry. At that time spreadsheets of Microsoft excel was generally used for the purpose of product research. But, the founder of Jungle Scout, Mr. Greg Mercer held some other vision for making product research an easy task. Hence, the first tool of the Jungle scout came into existence. Being first in the Industry the ball is surely in Jungle scout’s court but helium 10 doesn’t lack far behind it. Helium 10 is popular among its own niche the amount of traffic that it receives every day is simply terrific. Therefore, saying that only Jungle scout is popular will be a wrong statement.

How helium 10 is effective to grow a business through Amazon?

In order to grow and optimize your business while being associated with Amazon, you need some tools. The helium 10 provides SEO tools for a business to get ranked in Amazon listing. One has to be focused to find the best keywords for product listing in order to make it easier for customers to spot the product. The tools under helium 10 ensure that your business is listed under appropriate and working keywords, this helps in promoting products and for the growth of the overall business. The best thing about this tool is that it doesn’t take any charges for trial. However, the trial period is quite limited you get mere 20 keywords to track and Cerebro could only be used for two times. While finding out the best in the battle of helium 10 vs Jungle scout helium 10 is not a weak competitor.


MUST CHECK: Java Burn is a powder made from plants that have been used in various medicinal treatments for hundreds of years. Almost all these ingredients are proven effective for metabolism, immunity, and digestion through various independent studies. As per javaburn.com, the company has made sure not to add any unnecessary, suspicious, or extra ingredients. For this reason, it is safe for daily use, even for a very long time, during which you can maintain your weight loss results. Unlike other products that you may find in the supplement world, Java Burn is not a fat burner. In fact, it is a metabolic booster that improves the body’s efficiency to melt and use fat by fixing the issues causing a slow metabolism. There are various things affecting your metabolism, such as inflammation, toxins, oxidative stress, free radicals, to name a few, that could make you obese, even without showing a sign. Metabolism is the sum of all activities that involve breakdown and utilization of the food, and any changes to it mean the body will be layering fat all around it, making it gain a lot of weight. Taking Java Burn coffee daily prevents it from happening, as it supercharges metabolism and makes sure no risk factor is changing it. It comes in pre packed sachets that are 30 in each pack. One sachet is one day’s dose, and as it has no flavor or taste, it can be added to the coffee of your choice without changing the original taste.

FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 - Watch Live With Sling TV

Even though it has been more than a decade since this show aired, but still the magic that has been created by the show is present. Due to its popularity, many online platforms have made it available on their website so that more people can have access to an amazing and beautiful show called Friends. SlingTV Shows You Live Games and Game Recaps All in HD! Catch All Your Favorites - All Season Long. Stream Anywhere and watch basketball using sling tv free trial offer. Start Your Free Trial Now! Game Recaps Within Hours. Live Games in HD. NBA Harwood Classics.

What is this show based on?

The story revolves around the six main characters- Monica, Ross, Rachel, Joey, Chandler, and Phoebe who are living their normal yet amazing life in New York. With every character, people start to find connections between them that bring them closer to the character and the show. From dealing with love problems to overcoming some serious situation that comes in front of them, the characters show many aspects. Throughout the journey, you will forget that you are watching any TV shows because you will be so emotionally attached to the characters that you will behave like it is your life.

How did the characters become so relatable?

The most important part of a show or a movie, the main element that touches the audience are the characters whose life becomes like it is their life. The first character is Monica, who is considered to be a clean freak who also maintains the maturity level of the entire group with her sense of humour and confidence. The second one is Ross, who is the brother of Monica, whose career revolves around dinosaurs and its extinction as he is a palaeontologist. The third character is Rachel, who in the first instance would look like a spoilt brat and only living on her father’s money but afterwards, she wanted to make a name of her own. Everyone is fond of Joey as he is charming, funny and also is passionate about food even more than the love interest in his life. With sarcasm better than anyone, Chandler has left behind every character on TV shows who is anywhere near sarcasm. In spite of being the weirdest person on the show, Phoebe is always trying to put it all together in her life so that she leads a normal life like others.


IMO for iPhone/iPad on iOS Device Free Latest Version

Almost every one of us is having a smartphone; some are using Android, some iOS, and some Windows smartphones. Only the sophisticated people use iPhones because it defines a class. After buying an iPhone, we need to install our necessary apps. IMO has become one of the most important and must have an app on our iPhone. With the help of IMO, you can chat with your friends and family and can do video and voice calls across the world that also for free. All you need is a stable internet connection. Check steps to download IMO for iPhone/iPad on iOS device These days the popularity of IMO is growing rapidly because of its features. IMO is being used mainly for calling rather than chatting. Who wants to spend their balance if they get the free call facility? With the help of IMO, you can feel the best online calling experience. Not only calling you can use IMO for multiple purposes.

In this article, I am going to discuss why you should Download IMO in your iPhone. IMO is a widely used video calling, messaging, chatting application with simple user interface and a very small sized app. It has best features that a premium video calling, messaging, chatting app is supposed to have. In spite of that it is available for free. In this tutorial/article, we are gonna show you all the steps required for downloading and using IMO for iPhone/iPad free without any big procedure. This procedure which I am gonna show you is the best and it gets completed in very few steps. This is the best tutorial available to demonstrate the procedure to download IMO for iPhone/iPad.

Why We Need IMO for iPhone?

  • With the help of IMO, you can stay connected with your friends, family, and close persons. The main thing is you don’t have to pay a single penny for that; everything is free here.
  • When you use IMO from your iPhone, you can make high-quality audio calls and if you want you can make video calls too, that also for free; only data charges will be applicable.
  • You can chat with your friends and family members like other chatting apps using IMO.
  • In IMO you can share photos and videos taken by your iPhone or some other images & videos with other people. You can share photos in a group too, and in the new version of IMO, you can send stickers too.
  • In the group chat option, you can stay connected with all your old friends or colleagues. It is fun.
  • The best thing of IMO is the chat and calls are encrypted.
  • If you are using IMO in your iPhone then you can chat or call with anyone you want to, doesn’t matter which mobile they are using, all they need is the IMO app on their phone.
  • You can make calls from any network, doesn’t matter you are using 2G/ 3G/ 4G or Wi-Fi.

How to Download and Install IMO for iPhone?

Downloading IMO on your iPhone is very easy. You can do it in two ways.

  • One is you can download the app directly from the app store as it is available there.
  • To download and install IMO, open app store, search for IMO and then install.
  • You can download the setup file from the third party also, just open a browser, search the IMO setup file and click on download.
  • Later on, you can install IMO from the downloaded file.
  • Once Latest IMO Install on iPhone, you can use and access all its facilities. 


A Brief Introduction To Artificial Intelligence For Normal People

In recent times, the topic of artificial intelligence has become a source of heavy debate in  major tech scenes including the famous Silicon Valley.

For tech developers like myself who are very much involved in the industry, there has been a feeling of immense momentum building up around Artificial Intelligence and any topic even related to it by the remotest of possibilities.

Because of this, quite a large number of tech companies have started adopting and building Artificial Intelligence into the very essence of their operations.

This massive movement has not been restricted to just tech companies. Even universities have started experiencing a spike in the number of AI related courses being offered.

These courses are enjoying a very massive audience of students. Each year, thousands and thousands of fresh talent around the country enroll in these courses In a bid to get more familiar with this wonderful world.

This can be simply written away as just another instance of confirmation bias but the observer would be wrong. Interest in Artificial Intelligence is not a new occurrence. It has been on a steady rise since the middle of 2014.

The interest in this world of immense possibilities is only going to increase as time goes by. Of course all of these tech developments will be extremely confusing and complex to the layman.

A lot of uninformed readers will most likely believe that the sudden interest in Artificial Intelligence is only going to be a very regrettable mistake.

The sole reason for this erroneous belief can be attributed to the influence of movies like Terminator and Android Apocalypse. This is because these movies present the topic of Artificial Intelligence to be something worthy of concern.

The uninformed audience can readily believe that the only thing this will achieve is an apocalyptic takeover by self aware Androids who want to bring an end to our existence as humans.

This will be the end of the human race as we know it, just as the Skynet based obliteration occurred in the Terminator movies.

Another erroneous belief is that all humans would instead metamorphose into wholly digital entities that will exist in some form of cloud based artificial world or mainframe. To these naysayers, movies like The Matrix and the Terminator series will end up being prophetic.

But really, how are we supposed to react to this new and controversial development? Should we embrace it whole heartedly or are we to be worried by the new self aware robots?

Will Robots Take Over The World

I developed interest in the ongoing discussion on Artificial Intelligence in late 2014. When I first arrived on the scene, I knew next to nothing about AI technology.

The tech industry has been my domain for a period that extends longer that 20 years and I have maintained a main interest in web technologies.

However, my primary college degree was awarded for English Literature and as a result of this, I often neglected the science behind the industry to focus more on the creative and business aspects.

My attraction to the field of Artificial Intelligence was as a result of the news of its positive potential. However, warning alarms sounded at the back of my mind when I considered the apocalyptic warnings voiced by notable voices like Stephen Hawking.

He warned of the possibilities of the human race heading towards an apocalyptic future and this served to raise the level of concern given to the subject by people in the industry.

This made me resort to my default method for dealing with issues like this. I decided to learn more about this because that knowledge would help me understand it better.

This period was followed by a year of listening, constant reading, tinkering, studying, talking, and watching. This gave me some valuable insight into the expansive world of Artificial Intelligence.

I will proceed to share this knowledge with you over the rest of this article. I believe that you will transcend the knowledge base of the average citizen when you do this.

How The Machines Have Learned To Learn

The very first thing that shocked me was that artificial intelligence is in no ways a new occurrence. Artificial Intelligence as an industry term has been in operation since 1956.

During this same period, it has experienced a lot of busts and booms.

The 1960s proved to be a very productive time for Artificial Intelligence, productive because this was a period in which it experienced a lot of funding.

Corporations, universities, and Western countries were stepping over themselves in an attempt to throw a lot of funds and personnel into this sector. This was all because they believed that It offered possibilities of a wonderful new world of opportunities.

However, all of this enthusiasm slowly fizzled out when the major players in the field were not coming out with convincing results. The little they had to show for the years of funding was little more than lackluster progress.

The 1970s then experienced a period of slow progress. This is because little by little, the enthusiastic sponsors started backing out little by little. There was then not much funding to pursue this aspect.

However, there was a renewed interest in AI technology in the 1980s. This was the same age that computers became more popular for mainstream uses and the two technologies often came into contact.

This boom was almost reminiscent of the 1960s because of the massive funding that was poured into this industry.

However, it still turned out to be a bust and interest gradually fizzled out.